Premium Praxen

Premium Clinics & Practices

Internationally well-respected and experienced medical specialists treat patients from all over the world who have the highest demands for their medical care and wish for the best possible and newest therapies.

The medical specialists of the PREMIUM CLINICS & PRACTICES were trained at leading German and international universities and have immense experience. Their medical centres and practices are located in major cities of Germany and Switzerland, including Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Zürich. Medical specialist fields of PREMIUM CLINICS & PRACTICES

Aesthetic Surgery

The aesthetic surgeons of the PREMIUM CLINICS & PRACTICES guarantee comprehensive patient information and a professional intervention with excellent preparedness and follow-up. The ultimate goal is perfect plastic surgery – both medically and aesthetically – to achieve a highly natural appearance.

Aesthetic Dentistry

The aesthetic dentists of the PREMIUM CLINICS & PRACTICES are extensively trained and familiar with very complicated cases . The perfect set of teeth for every personality is the focus of treatment.

Modern Ophthalmology

The eye surgeons of the PREMIUM CLINICS & PRACTICES provide high quality medical care, including diagnostics and therapy, based on the latest scientific and medical knowledge. They are the leading specialists for high-tech laser vision correction and highly complex ophthalmologic interventions.

Modern Orthopaedics

The surgeons of the PREMIUM CLINICS & PRACTICES belong to the most experienced and highly-respected specialists for endoprosthetic care in Europe. They conduct annually many thousands of endoprosthetic replacements for hip and knees. Their patients achieve freedom from pain and full mobility after surgery - the greatest plus in quality of life.

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